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Sponsor Contact URL Status Scope Accepted On Expires On
AES/GA Gyro Accelerometer Panel David Tarrant Accepted The Sponsor drafts and maintains... 10-Sep-2011 31-Dec-2016
AES/RS Radar Systems Panel Hugh Griffiths Accepted The Sponsor (AES RSP Standards C... 21-Aug-2014 31-Dec-2019
AES/UWBRC Ultrawideband Radar Committee J Bruder Accepted The Ultra Wide Band Radar Commit... 07-Dec-2011 31-Dec-2016
APS/A Antennas Michael Francis Accepted The Antenna Standards Committee... 14-Jun-2013 31-Dec-2018
APS/P Propagation David Thiel Accepted The Wave Propagation Standards C... 24-Mar-2010 31-Dec-2015
BOG/CAG Corporate Advisory Group Philip Wennblom Accepted This group shall be responsible... 23-Aug-2013 31-Dec-2018
BTS/AVTech Audio and Visual Techniques William Miller Accepted The Broadcast Technology Society... 12-Jun-2014 31-Dec-2019
BTS/RFTech RF Techniques Gregory Best Accepted The Broadcast Technology Society... 12-Jun-2014 31-Dec-2019
C/CCSC Cloud Computing Standards Committee Stephen L. Diamond Accepted The Cloud Computing Standards Co... 10-Sep-2011 31-Dec-2016
C/DA Design Automation Stanley Krolikoski Accepted The purpose of the Design Automa... 16-Jun-2011 31-Dec-2016
C/FIPA Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents Marc-Philippe Huget Accepted The IEEE FIPA Standards Committe... 05-Dec-2012 31-Dec-2017
C/IA Information Assurance Eric Hibbard Accepted The IASC sponsors standards deve... 29-Mar-2012 31-Dec-2017
C/LM LAN/MAN Standards Committee James Gilb Accepted The scope of the Sponsor is to d... 12-Jun-2014 31-Dec-2019
C/LT Learning Technology Avron Barr Accepted The IEEE Learning Technology Sta... 14-Jun-2013 31-Dec-2018
C/MSC Microprocessor Standards Committee Ralph Kearfott Accepted To create, maintain, and encoura... 07-Dec-2011 31-Dec-2016
C/PA Portable Applications Joseph Gwinn Accepted PASC is the Sponsor of standards... 27-Mar-2008 31-Dec-2013
C/S2ESC Software & Systems Engineering Standards Committee Paul Croll Accepted The scope of S2ESC is to:
a) Cod...
11-Dec-2013 31-Dec-2018
C/SAB Standards Activities Board Forrest Wright Accepted In the event that the Computer S... 06-Mar-2013 31-Dec-2018
C/SI Simulation Interoperability Stds Organization/Stds Activity Committee Marcy Stutzman Accepted The Simulation Interoperability... 25-Mar-2010 31-Dec-2015
C/SS Storage Systems John Cole Accepted 23-Aug-2013 31-Dec-2018
C/TT Test Technology Saman Adham Accepted TTSC is to promote the developme... 14-Jun-2013 31-Dec-2018
C/VSSC Voting Systems Standards Committee Arthur Keller Accepted The scope of the Voting Systems... 11-Dec-2013 31-Dec-2018
CES/SC Standards Committee Yu Yuan Accepted The Consumer Electronics Society... 16-Jun-2011 31-Dec-2016
CIS/SC Standards Committee Bruno DiStefano Accepted The Field of Interest of the Soc... 31-Mar-2011 31-Dec-2016
COM/DySPAN-SC Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks Standards Committee Hiroshi Harada Accepted The Sponsor develops standards r... 21-Aug-2014 31-Dec-2019
COM/PLC Power Line Communications Jean Philippe Faure Accepted The scope of the PLC-SC is to de... 29-Mar-2012 31-Dec-2017
COM/SDB Standards Development Board Mehmet Ulema Accepted COM/SDB sponsors standards in Co... 06-Mar-2013 31-Dec-2018
DEI/SC Standards Committee Sudhakar Cherukupalli Accepted 23-Aug-2013 31-Dec-2018
EDS/MEMS Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Standards Sponsor Committee Herbert Bennett Accepted This committee, the IEEE Electro... 11-Dec-2013 31-Dec-2018
EDU/SC Standards Committee Hamadou Saliah-Hassane Accepted The scope is to develop new or r... 10-Sep-2011 31-Dec-2016
EMB/11073 IEEE 11073TM Standards Committee Elliot Sloane Accepted The scope of this Sponsor commit... 10-Dec-2014 31-Dec-2019
EMB/Stds Com Standards Committee Carole Carey Accepted The IEEE EMBS Standards Committe... 16-Jun-2011 31-Dec-2016
EMC/SDCom Standards Development Committee Edward Hare Accepted The scope of the IEEE EMC-S SDCo... 07-Dec-2011 31-Dec-2016
IAS/CI Cement Industry S. Mark Halpin Accepted The scope of the Industry Applic... 06-Mar-2013 31-Dec-2018
IAS/EM Electric Machines S. Mark Halpin Accepted The scope of the Industry Applic... 06-Mar-2013 31-Dec-2018
IAS/ES Energy Systems S. Mark Halpin Accepted The scope of the Industry Applic... 06-Mar-2013 31-Dec-2018
IAS/I&CPS Industrial & Commercial Power Systems S. Mark Halpin Accepted The scope of the Industry Applic... 06-Mar-2013 31-Dec-2018
IAS/PCI Petroleum & Chemical Industry Robert Durham Accepted The Industrial Applications Soci... 06-Mar-2013 31-Dec-2018
IAS/PSE Power Systems Engineering S. Mark Halpin Accepted The scope of the Industry Applic... 06-Mar-2013 31-Dec-2018
IAS/PSP Power Systems Protection S. Mark Halpin Accepted The scope of the Industry Applic... 06-Mar-2013 31-Dec-2018
IAS/TBCC Technical Books Coordinating Committee Carey Cook Accepted The scope of the Industry Applic... 06-Mar-2013 31-Dec-2018
IES/IES Industrial Electronics Society Standards Committee Victor Huang Accepted The Sponsor scope shall cover th... 10-Sep-2011 31-Dec-2016
IM/AI TC8 - Automated Test Systems and Instrumentation MICHAEL STORA Accepted The Sponsor must be an IMS Techn... 25-Mar-2010 31-Dec-2015
IM/HFM TC4 - High Frequency Measurement Yeou Song Lee Accepted The Sponsor must be an IMS Techn... 25-Mar-2010 31-Dec-2015
IM/MBM TC25 - Medical and Biological Measurements Richard Hochberg Accepted The Sponsor must be an IMS Techn... 25-Mar-2010 31-Dec-2015
IM/MPS TC39 Measurements in Power Systems Lorenzo Peretto Accepted The Sponsor must be an IMS Techn... 30-Aug-2012 31-Dec-2015
IM/ST TC9 - Sensor Technology Kang Lee Accepted The Sponsor must be an IMS Techn... 25-Mar-2010 31-Dec-2015
IM/WM&A TC10 - Waveform Generation Measurement and Analysis Steven Tilden Accepted The Sponsor must be an IMS Techn... 25-Mar-2010 31-Dec-2015
MTT/SCC Standards Coordinating Committee Michael Janezic Accepted The Field of Interest of MTT-S,... 10-Dec-2014 31-Dec-2019
NPS/NI&D Nuclear Instruments and Detectors Ronald Keyser Accepted Preparation, processing, and mai... 31-Mar-2011 31-Dec-2016
NTC/SC Standards Committee Brent Segal Accepted 19-Mar-2009 31-Dec-2014
PE/ED&PG Energy Development & Power Generation Randall Groves Accepted The scope of the Committee encom... 05-Dec-2012 31-Dec-2017
PE/EM Electric Machinery Innocent Kamwa Accepted a. Treatment of all matters rela... 14-Jun-2013 31-Dec-2018
PE/IC Insulated Conductors John Merando Accepted Treatment of all matters in whic... 06-Mar-2013 31-Dec-2018
PE/NPE Nuclear Power Engineering Paul Yanosy Accepted NPEC is one of the Technical Com... 05-Dec-2012 31-Dec-2017
PE/PSACE Power System Analysis, Computing, and Economics Committee Andrew Ford Accepted 14-Jun-2013 31-Dec-2018
PE/PSC Power System Communications Percy Pool Accepted 21-Aug-2013 21-Aug-2018
PE/PSIM Power System Instrumentation and Measurements Eddy So Accepted 05-Dec-2012 31-Dec-2017
PE/PSR Power System Relaying Adi Mulawarman Accepted 05-Dec-2012 31-Dec-2017
PE/SB Stationary Batteries Committee James Mcdowall Accepted 30-Aug-2012 31-Dec-2017
PE/SPDHV Surge Protective Devices/High Voltage James Wilson Accepted 05-Dec-2012 31-Dec-2017
PE/SPDLV Surge Protective Devices/Low Voltage Raymond Hill Accepted 05-Dec-2012 31-Dec-2017
PE/SUB Substations Hamid Sharifnia Accepted 05-Dec-2012 31-Dec-2017
PE/SWG Switchgear Michael Wactor Accepted 05-Dec-2012 31-Dec-2017
PE/T&D Transmission and Distribution Karl Mortensen Accepted 14-Jun-2013 31-Dec-2018
PE/TR Transformers William Bartley Accepted The scope of the Transformers Co... 27-Mar-2014 31-Dec-2019
PEL/SC Standards Committee Peter Wilson Accepted 05-Dec-2012 31-Dec-2017
RAS/SC Standing Committee for Standards Rajmohan Madhavan Accepted The scope of the activities of t... 06-Mar-2013 31-Dec-2018
RS/SC IEEE Reliability Louis Gullo Accepted 25-Mar-2010 31-Dec-2015
SASB/SCC04 SCC04 - Electrical Insulation Paulette Payne Powell Accepted The scope of SASB/SCC04 is:
a) T...
27-Mar-2014 31-Dec-2019
SASB/SCC14 SCC14 - Quantities, Units, and Letter Symbols James Frysinger Accepted 19-Mar-2009 31-Dec-2014
SASB/SCC18 SCC18 - National Fire Protection Association Standards Ed Larsen Accepted 25-Mar-2010 31-Dec-2015
SASB/SCC20 SCC20 - Test and Diagnosis for Electronic Systems Mike Seavey Accepted Provides for the management, dev... 16-Jun-2011 31-Dec-2016
SASB/SCC21 SCC21 - Fuel Cells, Photovoltaics, Dispersed Generation, and Energy Storage Thomas Basso Accepted The IEEE SCC21 oversees the deve... 12-Jun-2014 31-Dec-2019
SASB/SCC22 SCC22 - Power Quality THEO LAUGHNER Accepted 17-Jun-2009 31-Dec-2014
SASB/SCC31 SCC31 - Automatic Meter Reading and Energy Management Lawrence Kotewa Accepted 31-Mar-2011 31-Dec-2016
SASB/SCC39 SCC39 - International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety Ronald Petersen Accepted 05-Dec-2012 31-Dec-2017
SASB/SCC40 SCC40 - Earth Observation Siri Jodha Khalsa Accepted If the scope of the Committee ch... 12-Jun-2014 31-Dec-2019
SASB/SCC42 SCC42 - Transportation Yu Yuan Accepted The Committee leads the coordina... 10-Dec-2014 31-Dec-2019
SEN/SC Standards Committee William Lumpkins
SMC/SC Standards Committee William Lumpkins
TAB/CRFID Technical Committee on RFID (CRFID) Shaomin Peng Accepted The Technical Committee on RFID... 21-Aug-2014 31-Dec-2019
UFFC/UFFC IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control Zuo-Guang Ye Accepted 25-Mar-2010 31-Dec-2015
VT/ITS Intelligent Transportation Systems Thomas Kurihara Accepted Intelligent Transportation Syste... 21-Aug-2014 31-Dec-2019
VT/LT Land Transportation Otman Basir Accepted Land Transportation (LT) shall b... 12-Jun-2014 31-Dec-2019
VT/RTSC Rail Transportation Standards Committee Lowell Goudge Accepted 16-Jun-2011 31-Dec-2016

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