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Sponsor: C/PA Portable Applications
Scope: The Portable Applications Standards Committee (PASC) was formed in 1985 as the Technical Committee on Operating Systems and Applications Environments Standards Subcommittee (TCOS/SS) under the auspices of the IEEE/CS. TCOS/SS was changed to the Portable Applications Standards Committee (PASC) in 1992, six years before the Standards Association was formed from the then Standards operations of the IEEE. PASC has been delegated the balloting authority for IEEE Standards Projects sponsored by PASC in accordance with the IEEE Standards Association Operations Manual. Sponsor Executive responsibility has been delegated to the PASC Sponsor Executive Committee (PASC/SEC).

The PASC is the Sponsor of standards related to open systems APIs and related software requirements. The IEEE open-system API standards are generally known as POSIX standards. Open System APIs define interfaces between computer operating systems and application programs of various levels. Related software includes other things needed for proper system operations (e.g. time and date issues, namespace issues, etc.).

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