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Sponsor: PE/SBLC Smart Buildings, Loads and Customer Systems
Scope: The scope of the Sponsor refers to the treatment of all matters in which the dominant factors are
the application, design, deployment and operation of consumer and prosumer energy services
behind the meter, and the technology and standards to support the functions of these consumer
and prosumer interests, including processes and business models that expand and clarify the
relationship between the grid and energy resources and services behind the meter. The
perspective of the scope of the Sponsor is detailed as four-fold: (1) treatment of techniques and
requirements for interfaces between consumer-side and grid planning, dispatch operations and
transactive systems, and (2) treatment of the onsite power and energy aspect itself, in terms of
functions and performance management, and (3) treatment of the methods and communication
integration with utility and other energy service provider business systems to support these
customer-side resources and services, and (4) maintenance of liaison and collaboration as
required with other committees of the Power & Energy Society and associated Groups and
Societies of the IEEE.

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