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Sponsor: SASB/SCC22 SCC22 - Power Quality
Scope: If the scope of this Committee changes, the rules in the IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual concerning change of scope shall be followed.
The Committee is responsible for coordinating IEEE activities related to the quality of electricpower as it affects equipment, users, utilities, power, and communications systems. The SCC will identify needed standards within the area of power quality and report to the IEEE PQ Subcommittee. The committee will assist the IEEE PQ Subcommittee in locating sponsors within IEEE to undertake the development of such standards including designation of appropriate Working Groups (Subcommittees) to serve as the sponsor for a project. The committee will serve as liaison, as directed by the Standards Board, to any standards developing bodies of record who are preparing power quality standards, and is responsible for making certain that all interested standards developing bodies are aware of SCC-22 activities and given the opportunity to participate.

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