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Sponsor: PE/TR Transformers
Scope: The scope of the Sponsor includes the consideration of the design, construction, testing, and operation of transformers, reactors, and other similar equipment for the following devices:1.Generator Step-Up, Transmission and Distribution Transformers 2.Voltage Regulators (step and induction regulators) 3.Reactors and Grounding Transformers 4.HVDC Converter Transformers and Smoothing Reactors 5.Dry Type and Power Semi-Conductor Rectifier Transformers 6.Instrument Transformers (voltage transformers and current transformers) 7.Insulation and Dielectric Issues Relating to Transformers 8.Apparatus Bushings 9.Insulating Fluids 10.Subsurface Transformers and Network Protectors 11.Phase Angle Regulating Transformers

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