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Sponsor: PE/SUB Substations
Scope: The scope of the PES Substations Committee encompasses the Committee's and its
Subcommittees' technical areas of responsibility, technical activities, and advocacy
a. Technical areas of responsibility include the treatment of matters related to the electrical,
physical, and structural design, construction, installation, and maintenance of electric power
transmission and distribution substations including switching stations, transformer stations,
distribution stations, and generating station substations. Included in the technical scope is the
 Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS)
 High Voltage DC Converter Stations
 High Voltage Power Electronics
 Environmental Concerns, including Oil Containment
 Electrical Clearances
 Safety & Fire Protection
 Grounding
 Seismic Design
 Gas Insulated Substations (GIS) and Transmission Lines (GIL)
 Treatment of Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) Gas
 Bus Design, except those buses incorporated in switchgear assemblies
b. Technical activities include the sponsorship and development (either alone or jointly with
other technical committees and/or organizations) of standards, recommended practices,
guidelines and policies as well as preparation of position papers and/or documents, technical
conferences and/or sessions on matters related to items within the Scope above.
c. Advocacy responsibilities include liaising and cooperating with other technical committees,
societies, groups, regulatory agencies and associations concerned with various aspects of items
within the Scope above.

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