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Sponsor: PE/PSRCC Power System Relaying and Control
Scope: Treatment of all matters in which the dominant factors are the principles, application, design, construction, testing, and operation of power system protection and control. Protection and control systems include one or more of the following functions: sensing, data acquisition and processing, fault detection, manual or automatic control, and auxiliary operation.
Included are:
* The devices providing these functions such as protective relaying, regulating, monitoring, synchronism-check, synchronizing, and reclosing relays; transducers; and Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs).
* The functions employed in the generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization of electrical energy, and their effects on system operation.
* The environmental phenomena that can adversely affect them.
* The communication, cybersecurity, time synchronization, and related requirements necessary to support protection and control systems, such as the identification and declaration of object modeling, message sizes, latencies, and jitter for satisfying technical and business requirements.
The scope includes liaison and cooperation with other technical committees, societies, groups and associations concerned with various aspects of items herein.

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