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Sponsor: PE/PSCC Power System Communications and Cybersecurity
Scope: The treatment of all matters in which the dominant factor is the electrical, wireless, and optical
means for the transfer of information associated with the power system domain (i.e., control and
monitoring of generation, transmission, and distribution of power), including the investigation,
education, and standards development activities related to the following:
1) Integrated communications.
2) Cybersecurity.
3) Communication protocol message size, structure, performance requirements and
their testing.
4) Electrical protection of communication circuits and equipment including
personnel safety.
5) Design, construction, application, testing and coordination of communication
equipment supporting power system functions (e.g., load control, pilot relaying, transfer trip, supervisory control, telemetering, voice communications, and other
data communications) through various technologies (e.g., audio tones, power-line
carrier, microwave radio, satellites, broadband power-line carrier, and multiplexed
networks) for both analog and digital modulations.
6) Systems for the management of the associated communications and cybersecurity
7) Personnel and equipment safety as it pertains to communication facilities. For
example, practices and standards for high-voltage protection of wired (e.g.,
copper, optical fiber) communication equipment serving power system facilities is
within the scope of this Committee.
8) Sponsorship and development (either alone or jointly with other Technical
Committees and/or organizations) of standards, recommended practices, guides,
technical reports, position papers, technical conferences, and sessions on matters
related to items herein.
9) Liaison and cooperation with other Technical Committees, societies, groups and
associations concerned with various aspects of items herein.
LIMITATIONS: The scope of the Committee as described above excludes the definition and
identification of technical and business requirements for communication, cybersecurity, time
synchronization, and jitter necessary to support the applications and systems which require
communication and cybersecurity services. Such requirements are specified by the domain
experts residing in other groups. The PSCC committee's activities are focused on the fulfillment
of these requirements.

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