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Sponsor: PE/NPE Nuclear Power Engineering
Scope: Nuclear Power Engineering Committee (NPEC) Scope: Treatment of matters relating to the electrical aspects of nuclear engineering including
the advancement of standards, research, development, and the advancement of nuclear
engineering with students and educational institutions.

Included in the treatment of standards are the sponsorship and development of basic criteria for
integrated nuclear systems and the coordination of (1) the approvals, (2) scopes, and (3)
development of system and equipment standards.
Matters relating to the development of standards for individual equipment or system designs
applied to Nuclear Technology may be covered jointly with certain other technical committees
such as Switchgear, Energy Development and Power Generation, etc., or may be generated
exclusively by the technical committee.
Maintain close liaison with other technical societies, groups, agencies and associations
concerned with Nuclear Technology and utilize their services when deemed appropriate.
Included in these liaison activities is the prominent lead responsibility for (1) the development of
PES/NPEC responses* to requests for comments on Governmental Regulatory Guides and other
nuclear technology documents and (2) the coordination of matters relating to reliability, human
factors, accreditation and similar subjects for nuclear facilities.
*Note: Reponses shall be shared with PES Technical Council.

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