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Sponsor: PE/NPE Nuclear Power Engineering
Scope: NPEC is one of the Technical Committees of the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES). NPEC
scope covers all nuclear power related technical and standards writing activities within the
IEEE. NPEC's principal subcommittees cover Equipment Qualification; Operating, Aging,
Maintenance, Testing and Reliability; Auxiliary Power; Human Factors and Control
Facilities and Safety Related Systems.
NPEC is generally responsible for:
a. Participating in and supporting goals and activities of the PES.
b. Sponsorship of IEEE nuclear power plant standards.
c. Preparation of IEEE coordinated responses to USNRC draft regulatory guides, rule
making documents and NUREG documents released for public comment.
d. Liaison between IEEE and ANSI, ASME, ANS, ASTM and ISA and other International
Organizations such as the IEC in all nuclear power plant matters.
e. U.S. management responsibility for all equipment qualification standards (by ANSI
f. U.S. management responsibility for national consensus on all nuclear power plant
standards in the electrical and electronic area.
g. U.S. responsibility for human factors standards within the nuclear power industry.
h. U.S. responsibility for nuclear power plant computer standards.
NPEC's established policy is to improve, clarify, update and provide application guidance
on the standards already produced and when appropriate, to produce new standards.
Currently, many technical organizations are involved in the issues in which NPEC has an
interest. In order to avoid conflicts, overlapping efforts and inefficient use of resources,
NPEC has established liaison efforts with these organizations. Outside of IEEE, there are
liaisons established with ANS, IEC, ASME, ISA, HFES, EPRI, INPO, NEI, NIRMA, DOE and
USNRC. Within IEEE, there are liaisons established with the Computer Society, the Nuclear
Plasma Sciences Society, and the Reliability Society. Within the PES, there are liaisons
established with other Technical Committees.

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