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Sponsor: PE/IC Insulated Conductors
Scope: Treatment of all matters in which the dominant factors are the design, manufacture, installation,
operation, testing and maintenance of conductors, including fiber cores, having applied
insulation or covering and their required materials, accessories and structures used in the
generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electric energy.
Included is the treatment of conductors, insulations, shields or screens, sheaths and coverings,
accessories, structures, tests and measurements and other components for insulated conductor
application. Insulations that are an integral part of machinery, such as magnet wire, are
Also included is treatment of the insulated conductors and facilities required for cable systems at
power generating stations, substations, transmission, distribution and utilization levels, and cable
and cable systems for special purposes or applications, including all cables identified in the
National Electrical Code and associated documents, but not excluding international standards, as
necessary to further the proper development of products specified in the first paragraph.
Joint or coordinated treatment of certain subjects or applications as it relates to insulated
conductors may be required when the subject or application is covered by another Society or
Committee having a particular scientific interest or a specific emphasis on particular materials or
requirements of the application. This coordinated effort includes similar or identical standards
development work of recognized international organizations.
The ICC currently has seven technical subcommittees and one administrative subcommittee.

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