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Sponsor: PE/EM Electric Machinery
Scope: a. Treatment of all matters related to the requirements, research, development, application, design, construction, operation, characterization, modeling, control and supervision of electrical machinery associated with rotational or translational motion, conversion of electric energy into other forms of energy, or the transmission of mechanical energy using an electric link through rotating and linear machinery. Included is treatment of the following:
- Synchronous machines
- Induction machines
- DC and permanent magnet machines
- Switched reluctance machines
- Motor generator sets
- Rotating frequency changers
- Electric couplings, brakes and dynamometers
- Magnetohydrodynamic energy conversion ducts
- Insulation, magnetic, conductor, and super conductor materials as used in electrical machinery
- Linear motors
- Hydro generators
- Steam turbine generators
- Gas turbine generators
- Power electronics adjustable speed drives applications
- Effects of adjustable speed drives on rotating machine components
b. Sponsorship and development (either alone or jointly with other technical committees and/or organizations) of standards, recommended practices, guidelines and policies as well as preparation of position papers and/or documents, technical conferences and/or sessions on matters related to items within the Scope above.
c. Liaison and cooperation with other technical committees, societies, groups and associations concerned with various aspects of items within the Scope above.

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