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Sponsor: PE/EDPG Energy Development & Power Generation
Scope: The Energy Development and Power Generation Committee (ED&PGC) purpose is to
technically promote:
* Treatment of matters related to the research, development, application, design,
construction, and operation of systems and facilities for the conversion of energy sources
(that are not specifically assigned to other technical committees), such as hydro, fossil,
solar, wind, chemical, nuclear (jointly with Nuclear Power Engineering Committee,
where appropriate), and others into electrical energy.
* Treatment of matters relating to assessment of energy conversion systems and facilities.
This includes, but need not be limited to, matters relating to environment, conservation,
regulation, economics, safety, and security.
* Sponsorship and development (either alone or jointly with other technical committees
and/or organizations) of standards, recommended practices, guidelines, and policies as
well as preparation of position papers and/or documents, technical conferences and/or
sessions on matters related to energy conversion systems and facilities.
* Liaison and cooperation with other technical committees, societies, groups, and
associations concerned with various aspects of new energy conversion technologies.

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