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Society/Committee & Acronym Staff Contact
IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society (AES) Patricia Roder
Gyro Accelerometer Panel (AES/GA) Patricia Roder
Radar Systems Panel (AES/RS) Patricia Roder
Unmanned Aerial Systems and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Standards Committee (AES/UAS/UAV/SC) Patricia Roder
Ultrawideband Radar Committee (AES/UWBRC) Patricia Roder
IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society (APS) Christy Bahn
Antennas and Propagation Standards Committee (APS/SC) Christy Bahn
IEEE-SA Board of Governors (BOG) Matt Ceglia
Corporate Advisory Group (BOG/CAG) Matt Ceglia
IEEE Broadcast Technology Society (BTS) Christy Bahn
Audio and Visual Techniques (BTS/AVTech) Christy Bahn
RF Techniques (BTS/RFTech) Christy Bahn
IEEE Computer Society (C) Soo Kim
Cloud Computing Standards Committee (C/CCSC) Christy Bahn
Cybersecurity and Privacy Standards Committee (C/CPSC) Nicholas Orlando
Design Automation (C/DA) Jonathan Goldberg
LAN/MAN Standards Committee (C/LM) Jonathan Goldberg
Learning Technology (C/LT) Jonathan Goldberg
Microprocessor Standards Committee (C/MSC) Christy Bahn
Portable Applications (C/PA) Nicholas Orlando
Software & Systems Engineering Standards Committee (C/S2ESC) Christy Bahn
Standards Activities Board (C/SAB) Soo Kim
Simulation Interoperability Stds Organization/Stds Activity Committee (C/SI) Nicholas Orlando
Test Technology (C/TT) Matt Ceglia
IEEE Consumer Electronics Society (CES) Michael Kipness
Blockchain Standards Committee (CES/BSC) Michael Kipness
Standards Committee (CES/SC) Michael Kipness
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Standards Committee (CES/VRARSC) Michael Kipness
IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) Jennifer Santulli
Standards Committee (CIS/SC) Jennifer Santulli
IEEE Communications Society (COM) Nicholas Orlando
Access and Core Networks Standards Committee (COM/AccessCore-SC) Nicholas Orlando
Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks Standards Committee (COM/DySPAN-SC) Nicholas Orlando
Edge, Fog, Cloud Communications with IOT and Big Data Standards Committee (COM/EdgeCloud-SC) Nicholas Orlando
Green ICT Standards Committee (COM/GreenICT-SC) Nicholas Orlando
Mobile Communication Networks Standards Committee (COM/MobiNet-SC) Nicholas Orlando
Virtualized and Software Defined Networks, and Services Standards Committee (COM/NetSoft-SC) Nicholas Orlando
Power Line Communications (COM/PLC) Nicholas Orlando
Standards Development Board (COM/SDB) Nicholas Orlando
IEEE Council on RFID (CRFID) Christy Bahn
Standards Committee (CRFID/SC) Christy Bahn
IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society (DEI) Malia Zaman
Standards Committee (DEI/SC) Malia Zaman
IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS) Christy Bahn
Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Standards Sponsor Committee (EDS/MEMS) Christy Bahn
IEEE Education Society (EDU) Jennifer Santulli
Standards Committee (EDU/SC) Jennifer Santulli
IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMB) Patricia Roder
IEEE 11073 Standards Committee (EMB/11073) Patricia Roder
Standards Committee (EMB/Stds Com) Patricia Roder
IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society (EMC) Jennifer Santulli
Standards Development Committee (EMC/SDCom) Jennifer Santulli
IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS) Nicholas Orlando
Standards Committee (GRSS/SC) Nicholas Orlando
IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS) Patricia Roder
Cement Industry (IAS/CI) Patricia Roder
Electric Machines (IAS/EM) Patricia Roder
Electrical Safety Committee (IAS/ESafeC) Patricia Roder
Industrial & Commercial Power Systems (IAS/I&CPS) Patricia Roder
Energy Systems (IAS/ICPS ES) Patricia Roder
Power Systems Engineering (IAS/ICPS PSE) Patricia Roder
Power Systems Protection (IAS/ICPS PSP) Patricia Roder
Technical Books Coordinating Committee (IAS/ICPS TBCC) Patricia Roder
Petroleum & Chemical Industry (IAS/PCI) Patricia Roder
IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES) Jennifer Santulli
Industrial Electronics Society Standards Committee (IES/IES) Jennifer Santulli
IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society (IM) Christy Bahn
TC4 - High Frequency Measurement (IM/HFM) Christy Bahn
TC25 - Medical and Biological Measurements (IM/MBM) Christy Bahn
TC39 - Measurements in Power Systems (IM/MPS) Christy Bahn
TC40 - Secure and Dependable Measurement (IM/SDM) Christy Bahn
TC9 - Sensor Technology (IM/ST) Christy Bahn
TC41 - Traffic Enforcement Technologies (IM/TET) Christy Bahn
TC10 - Waveform Generation Measurement and Analysis (IM/WM&A) Christy Bahn
IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS) Nicholas Orlando
Standards Committee (ITSS/SC) Nicholas Orlando
IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT) Nicholas Orlando
Standards Coordinating Committee (MTT/SCC) Nicholas Orlando
IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society (NPS) Michael Kipness
Nuclear Instruments and Detectors (NPS/NI&D) Michael Kipness
IEEE Nanotechnology Council (NTC) Jennifer Santulli
Standards Committee (NTC/SC) Jennifer Santulli
IEEE Power and Energy Society (PE) Erin Spiewak
Analytic Methods for Power Systems (PE/AMPS) Malia Zaman
Energy Development & Power Generation (PE/EDPG) Malia Zaman
Electric Machinery (PE/EM) Malia Zaman
Energy Storage & Stationary Battery Committee (PE/ESSB) Michael Kipness
Insulated Conductors (PE/IC) Michael Kipness
Nuclear Power Engineering (PE/NPE) Malia Zaman
Power System Communications and Cybersecurity (PE/PSCC) Erin Spiewak
Power System Instrumentation and Measurements (PE/PSIM) Malia Zaman
Power System Relaying and Control (PE/PSRCC) Erin Spiewak
Smart Buildings, Loads and Customer Systems (PE/SBLC) Malia Zaman
Surge Protective Devices/High Voltage (PE/SPDHV) Malia Zaman
Surge Protective Devices/Low Voltage (PE/SPDLV) Malia Zaman
Substations (PE/SUB) Michael Kipness
Switchgear (PE/SWG) Erin Spiewak
Transmission and Distribution (PE/T&D) Michael Kipness
Transformers (PE/TR) Malia Zaman
IEEE Power Electronics Society (PEL) Erin Spiewak
Standards Committee (PEL/SC) Erin Spiewak
IEEE Photonics Society (PHO) Erin Spiewak
Standards Committee (PHO/SC) Erin Spiewak
IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) Christy Bahn
Standing Committee for Standards (RAS/SC) Christy Bahn
IEEE Reliability Society (RS) Jennifer Santulli
IEEE Reliability (RS/SC) Jennifer Santulli
IEEE-SASB Coordinating Committees (SASB) Soo Kim
SCC04 - Electrical Insulation (SASB/SCC04) Erin Spiewak
SCC14 - Quantities, Units, and Letter Symbols (SASB/SCC14) Michael Kipness
SCC 14 (Temp) (SASB/SCC14tmp) Soo Kim
SCC18 - National Fire Protection Association Standards (SASB/SCC18) Patricia Roder
SCC20 - Test and Diagnosis for Electronic Systems (SASB/SCC20) Christy Bahn
SCC21 - Fuel Cells, Photovoltaics, Dispersed Generation, and Energy Storage (SASB/SCC21) Michael Kipness
SCC22 - Power Quality (SASB/SCC22) Erin Spiewak
SCC31 - Automatic Meter Reading and Energy Management (SASB/SCC31) Malia Zaman
SCC39 - International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety (SASB/SCC39) Jennifer Santulli
SCC42 - Transportation (SASB/SCC42) Michael Kipness
IEEE Sensors Council (SEN) Christy Bahn
Standards Committee (SEN/SC) Christy Bahn
IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society (SMC) Christy Bahn
Standards Committee (SMC/SC) Christy Bahn
IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT) Christy Bahn
Social Implications of Technology Standards Committee (SSIT/SC) Christy Bahn
IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control Society (UFFC) Jennifer Santulli
IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control (UFFC/UFFC) Jennifer Santulli
IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (VT) Michael Kipness
Intelligent Transportation Systems (VT/ITS) Michael Kipness
Land Transportation (VT/LT) Michael Kipness
Rail Transportation Standards Committee (VT/RTSC) Michael Kipness

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