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Sponsor PAR Number Title Original PAR URL PAR Approval
VT/RTSC P16 Standard for Electrical and Electronic Control Apparatus on Rail Vehicles
VT/RTSC P1474.1 Standard for Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) Performance and Functional Requirements
VT/RTSC P1627 Standard for Transient Overvoltage Protection of DC Electrification Systems by Application of DC Surge Arresters
VT/RTSC P1653.2 Standard for Uncontrolled Traction Power Rectifiers for Substation Applications Up to 1500 V DC Nominal Output
VT/RTSC P1653.3 Guide for Rail Transit Traction Power Systems Modeling
VT/RTSC P1653.5 Recommended Practice for Controlled Rectifiers for Traction Power Substation Applications
VT/RTSC P1653.6 Recommended Practice for Grounding of DC Equipment Enclosures in Traction Power Distribution Facilities
VT/RTSC P1791 Recommended Practice for Terminology Used for Direct Current Electric Transit Overhead Contact Systems
VT/RTSC P1883 Recommended Practice for Electrical and Electro-Mechanical Bench Test Equipment (BTE) for Transit Rail Projects
VT/RTSC P1884 Guide for Stray Current/Corrosion Mitigation for DC Rail Transit Systems
VT/RTSC P2406 Standard for Design and Construction of Non-Load Break Disconnect Switches for Direct Current Applications on Transit Systems
VT/RTSC P2657 Guide on Energy Feedback Systems for DC Traction Power Supply System
VT/RTSC P2720 Rail Potential Management Guide for Direct Current Traction Electrification Systems
VT/RTSC P2752 Guide for Multi-Point Grounding System of Trains in Electrified Railway
VT/RTSC P2753 Guide for the Measurement of Pantograph Off-Line and Evaluation of Current Collection Performance for High Speed Railway

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