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Sponsor PAR Number Title Original PAR URL PAR Approval
PE/SUB P1427 Guide for Recommended Electrical Clearances and Insulation Levels in Air Insulated Electrical Power Substations
PE/T&D P1806 Guide for Reliability Based Placement of Overhead and Underground Switching and Overcurrent Protection Equipment Up to and Including 38 kV
PE/T&D P1654 Guide for RF Protection of Personnel Working in the Vicinity of Wireless Communications Antennas Attached to Electric Power Line Structures
PE/SUB P80 Guide for Safety in AC Substation Grounding
PE/IC P1637 Guide for Selecting and Applying Terminations for Shielded Alternating-Current Power Cable Rated 5 kV - 46 kV
PE/IC P532 Guide for Selecting and Testing Jackets for Power, Instrumentation, and Control Cables
RS/SC P1413.1 Guide for Selecting and Using Reliability Predictions Based on IEEE 1413
PE/ESSB P1189 Guide for Selection of Batteries for Standby Applications
PE/T&D P1854 Guide for Smart Distribution Applications
PE/ED&PG P2778 Guide for Solar Power Plant Grounding for Personnel Protection
PE/SWG PC37.12 Guide for Specifications of High-Voltage Circuit Breakers (Over 1000 Volts)
PE/IC P2776 Guide for Specifying and Selecting Cables for Nuclear Facilities
VT/RTSC P1884 Guide for Stray Current/Corrosion Mitigation for DC Rail Transit Systems
PE/SUB P979 Guide for Substation Fire Protection
PE/SPDLV PC62.230 Guide for Surge Protection of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

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