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Sponsor PAR Number Title Original PAR URL PAR Approval
EMC/SDCom P2718 Guide for Near Field Characterization of Unintentional Stochastic Radiators
SASB/SCC21 P1561 Guide for Optimizing the Performance and Life of Lead-Acid Batteries in Remote Hybrid Power Systems
BOG/CAG P1863 Guide for Overhead AC Transmission Line Design
PE/SPDHV P2771 Guide for Parameter Configuration of Arcing Horns of DC Earth Electrode Lines
PE/IC P400.3 Guide for Partial Discharge Field Diagnostic Testing of Shielded Power Cable Systems
IAS/PCI P1584 Guide for Performing Arc-Flash Hazard Calculations
PE/SUB P1402 Guide for Physical Security of Electric Power Substations
PE/PSRCC PC37.233 Guide for Power System Protection Testing
PE/PSRCC PC37.91 Guide for Protecting Power Transformers
PE/SUB P1032 Guide for Protecting Transmission Static Var Compensators
PE/T&D P1048a Guide for Protective Grounding of Power Lines Amendment to Guide for Protective Grounding of Power Lines
PE/PSRCC PC37.230 Guide for Protective Relay Applications to Distribution Lines
PE/PSRCC PC37.234 Guide for Protective Relay Applications to Power System Buses
PE/PSRCC PC37.116 Guide for Protective Relay Application to Transmission-Line Series Capacitor Banks
VT/RTSC P1653.3 Guide for Rail Transit Traction Power Systems Modeling

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