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Sponsor PAR Number Title Original PAR URL PAR Approval
PE/ESSB P1375 Guide for the Protection of Stationary Battery Systems
PE/ESSB P1491 Recommended Practice for Battery Monitoring in Stationary Applications
PE/ESSB P1578 Recommended Practice for Stationary Battery Electrolyte Spill Containment and Management
PE/ESSB P1660 Guide for Application and Management of Stationary Batteries Used in Cycling Service
PE/ESSB P1679 Recommended Practice for the Characterization and Evaluation of Emerging Energy Storage Technologies in Stationary Applications
PE/ESSB P1679.2 Guide for the Characterization and Evaluation of Sodium-Beta Batteries in Stationary Applications
PE/ESSB P1725 Standard for Rechargeable Batteries for Cellular Telephones
PE/ESSB P2405 Standard for the Design of Battery Chargers Used in Stationary Applications
PE/ESSB P2685 Recommended Practice for Energy Storage for Stationary Engine-Starting Systems
PE/EM P11 Standard for Rotating Electric Machinery for Rail and Road Vehicles
PE/EM P62.2 Guide for Diagnostic Field Testing of Electric Power Apparatus - Electrical Machinery
PE/EM P97 Diagnostic Test Methods for testing the Insulation of AC Electric Machinery Using Direct Voltage
PE/EM P115 Guide for Test Procedures for Synchronous Machines Part I--Acceptance and Performance Testing Part II--Test Procedures and Parameter Determination for Dynamic Analysis
PE/EM P433 Recommended Practice for Insulation Testing of AC Electric Machinery with High Voltage Rating up to 30 kV at Very Low Frequency
PE/EM P522 Guide for Testing Turn Insulation of Form-Wound Stator Coils for Alternating-Current Electric Machines

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