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Sponsor PAR Number Title Original PAR URL PAR Approval
PE/PSRCC PC37.233 Guide for Power System Protection Testing
PE/PSRCC PC37.234 Guide for Protective Relay Applications to Power System Buses
PE/PSRCC PC37.235 Guide for the Application of Rogowski Coils Used for Protective Relaying Purposes
PE/PSRCC PC37.237 Standard Requirements for Time Tags Created by Intelligent Electronic Devices - COMTAG(TM)
PE/PSRCC PC37.242 Guide for Synchronization, Calibration, Testing, and Installation of Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) for Power System Protection and Control
PE/PSRCC PC37.245 Guide for the Application of Protective Relaying for Phase Shifting Transformers
PE/PSRCC PC37.247 Standard for Phasor Data Concentrators for Power Systems
PE/PSRCC PC37.249 Guide for Categorizing Security Needs for Protection and Automation Related Data Files
PE/PSRCC PC37.250 Guide for Engineering, Implementation, and Management of System Integrity Protection Schemes
PE/PSRCC PC37.251 Standard for Common Protection and Control Settings or Configuration Data Format (COMSET)
PE/PSIM P510 Guide for Electrical Safety in High-Voltage Testing
PE/PSIM P1122 Standard for Digital Recorders for Measurements in High-Voltage and High-Current Impulse Tests
PE/PSIM P1889 Guide for Evaluating and Testing the Electrical Performance of Energy Saving Devices
PE/PSIM P2426 Guide for Field Measurement of Fast-Front and Very Fast-Front Overvoltages in Electric Power System
PE/PSCC P776 Recommended Practice for Inductive Coordination of Electric Supply and Communication Lines

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