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Sponsor PAR Number Title Original PAR URL PAR Approval
EMB/11073 P11073-10471 Health Informatics--Personal Health Device Communication Part 10471: Device Specialization--Independent Living Activity Hub
EMB/11073 P11073-20601 Health Informatics -- Personal Health Device Communication - Part 20601: Application Profile - Optimized Exchange Protocol
EMB/11073 P11073-10201 Health Informatics - Point-of-Care Medical Device Communication - Domain Information Model
EMB/11073 P11073-10101b Health informatics -- Point-of-care medical device communication -- Part 10101: Nomenclature
Amendment 2: Additional definitions
EMB/11073 P11073-10103a Health informatics--Point-of-care medical device communication Part 10103: Nomenclature--Implantable device, cardiac Amendment 1: Additional definitions
PE/SWG PC37.60 High-Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear - Part 111: Automatic Circuit Reclosers for Alternating Current Systems Up To and Including 38 kV
PE/NPE P2411 Human Factors Engineering Guide for the Validation of System Designs and Integrated Systems Operations at Nuclear Facilities
COM/SDB P1933.1 Hybrid Automatic Repeat reQuest for High Throughput Applications
PE/SWG P62271-37-013 IEEE/IEC International Standard for High-Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear -- Part 37-013: Alternating-Current Generator Circuit-Breakers
SSIT/SC P7013 Inclusion and Application Standards for Automated Facial Analysis Technology
C/S2ESC P1760 Information Technology Service Measures and Service Level Agreements
C/S2ESC P16085 ISO/IEC 16085:2006, Standard for Software Engineering - Software Life Cycle Processes - Risk Management
C/S2ESC P15026-1_Revision ISO/IEC/IEEE 15026-1--Systems and Software Engineering--Systems and Software Assurance--Part 1: Concepts and Vocabulary
C/S2ESC P15289 ISO/IEC/IEEE International Standard -- Systems and Software Engineering -- Content of Life-Cycle Information Items (Documentation)
C/S2ESC P16326 ISO/IEC/IEEE International Standard Systems and Software Engineering--Life Cycle Processes--Project Management

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