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Sponsor PAR Number Title Original PAR URL PAR Approval
C/S2ESC P15289 ISO/IEC/IEEE International Standard -- Systems and Software Engineering -- Content of Life-Cycle Information Items (Documentation)
C/S2ESC P16326 ISO/IEC/IEEE International Standard Systems and Software Engineering--Life Cycle Processes--Project Management
C/S2ESC P29148 ISO/IEC/IEEE International Standard - Systems and Software Engineering -- Life Cycle Processes --Requirements Engineering
IM/ST P21451-2 ISO/IEC/IEEE Standard for Information Technology -- Smart Transducer Interface for Sensors and Actuators -- Part 2: Serial Point-to-Point Interface
C/S2ESC P42010 /ISO/IEC Standard for Systems and Software Engineering -- Architecture Description
PE/PSRCC P60255-118-1 Measuring Relays and Protection Equipment - Part 118-1: Synchrophasor for Power System - Measurements
PE/SWG PC37.20.9 Metal Enclosed Switchgear Rated 1 kV to 52 kV Incorporating Gas Insulation Systems
C/S2ESC P7000 Model Process for Addressing Ethical Concerns During System Design
PE/NPE P2460 Nuclear Facilities - Instrumentation Important To Safety - Spent Fuel Pool Instrumentation
PE/NPE P62582-6 Nuclear power plants -- Instrumentation and control important to safety -- Electrical equipment condition monitoring methods. Part 6: Insulation resistance
RAS/SC P7007 Ontological Standard for Ethically Driven Robotics and Automation Systems
COM/SDB P1934 OpenFog Reference Architecture for Fog Computing
C/S2ESC P1723.1 Open Group Standard SOA Reference Architecture
EMC/SDCom P2717 Passive Intermodulation Test Methods for Wireless Systems in Low Noise Environments
PE/TR P60076-16 Power Transformers - Part 16: Transformers for Wind Turbine Application

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