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Sponsor PAR Number Title Original PAR URL PAR Approval
PE/PSRCC P1646 Standard Communication Delivery Time Performance Requirements for Electric Power Substation Automation
PE/PSRCC PC37.102 Guide for AC Generator Protection
PE/PSRCC PC37.112 Standard Inverse-Time Characteristic Equations for Overcurrent Relays
PE/PSRCC PC37.234 Guide for Protective Relay Applications to Power System Buses
PE/SUB P980 Guide for Containment and Control of Oil Spills in Substations
PE/SUB P1127 Guide for the Design, Construction, and Operation of Electric Power Substations for Community Acceptance and Environmental Compatibility
PE/SWG PC37.012a Guide for the Application of Capacitance Current Switching for AC High-Voltage Circuit Breakers above 1000 V Amendment Changing the Capacitive Inrush/Outrush Limitations of Switchgear
PE/T&D P519 Standard for Harmonic Control in Electric Power Systems
PE/T&D P1250 Guide for Identifying and Improving Power Quality in Power Systems
PE/TR PC57.12.80 Standard Terminology for Power and Distribution Transformers
PE/TR PC57.13.9 Standard for Power-Line Carrier Coupling Capacitors and Coupling Capacitor Voltage Transformers
PE/TR PC57.142 Guide to Describe the Occurrence and Mitigation of Switching Transients Induced by Transformers, Switching Device, and System Interaction
PE/TR PC57.150 Guide for the Transportation of Transformers and Reactors Rated 10,000 kVA or Higher
PEL/SC P2004 Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation Based Testing of Electric Power Apparatus and Controls
C/LM P802.1AR Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks - Secure Device Identity

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