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Sponsor PAR Number Title Original PAR URL PAR Approval
CES/SC P2025.1 Standard for Consumer Drones: Taxonomy and Definitions
CES/SC P2025.2 Standard for Consumer Drones: Privacy and Security
CES/SC P2049.1 Standard for Human Augmentation: Taxonomy and Definitions
CES/SC P2049.2 Standard for Human Augmentation: Privacy and Security
CES/SC P2049.3 Standard for Human Augmentation: Identity
CES/SC P2049.4 Standard for Human Augmentation: Methodologies and Processes for Ethical Considerations
CES/SC P2089 Standard for Age Appropriate Digital Services Framework - Based on the 5Rights Principles for Children
CES/SC P2785 Standard for Architectural Framework and General Requirements for Smart Home Systems
CES/SC P2786 Standard for General Requirements and Interoperability for Internet of Clothing
CES/SC P2788 Standard for Circulating Air Pressure Physiotherapy Equipment Used in the Home Healthcare Environment
CES/SC P2811 Standard for Architectural Framework and Technical Requirements for Smart Lock
CES/SC P2812 Guide for Minor Guardianship System for Online Mobile Gaming
CES/SC P2813 Standard for Big Data Business Security Risk Assessment (BD BSRA)
CES/SC P2823 Standard for System Architecture and Technical Requirements for Smart Speakers
CES/SC P2843 Standard for Measuring Accessibility Experience and Compliance

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