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Sponsor PAR Number Title Original PAR URL PAR Approval
PE/ESSB P1679.2 Guide for the Characterization and Evaluation of Sodium-Beta Batteries in Stationary Applications
EMC/SDCom P2716 Guide for the Characterization of the Effectiveness of Printed Circuit Board Level Shielding
EMC/SDCom P2715 Guide for the Characterization of the Shielding Effectiveness of Planar Materials
PE/ED&PG P1248 Guide for the Commissioning of Electrical Systems in Hydroelectric Power Plants
PE/SUB P1127 Guide for the Design, Construction, and Operation of Electric Power Substations for Community Acceptance and Environmental Compatibility
PE/TR PC57.127 Guide for the Detection, Location and Interpretation of Sources of Acoustic Emissions from Electrical Discharges in Power Transformers and Power Reactors
PE/TR PC57.160 Guide for the Electrical Measurement of Partial Discharges in High Voltage Bushings and Instrument Transformers
EMC/SDCom P1302 Guide for the Electromagnetic Characterization of Conductive Gaskets in the Frequency Range of DC to 40 GHz
PE/IC P1493 Guide for the Evaluation of Solvents Used for Cleaning Electrical Cables and Accessories
PE/SUB P1240 Guide for the Evaluation of the Reliability of HVDC Converter Stations
PE/SUB P1052 Guide for the Functional Specifications for Transmission Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) Systems
PE/TR PC57.104 Guide for the Interpretation of Gases Generated in Oil-Immersed Transformers
PE/TR PC57.162 Guide for the Interpretation of Moisture Related Parameters in Dry, Gas Insulated and Liquid Immersed Transformers and Reactors
PE/T&D P1870 Guide for the Parameter Measurement of AC Transmission Lines
PE/IC P1120 Guide for the Planning, Design, Installation, and Repair of Submarine Power Cable Systems

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