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Sponsor PAR Number Title Original PAR URL PAR Approval
C/SAB P2796 Standard for Framework for the Internet of Food (IoF)
C/SAB P2796.1 Standard for Data Requirements for Internet of Food (IoF) Systems
C/SAB P2796.2 Standard for Data Exchange Architecture and Interface Requirements for Internet of Food (IoF) Systems
C/SAB P2806 System Architecture of Digital Representation for Physical Objects in Factory Environments
C/SAB P2807 Framework of Knowledge Graphs
C/SAB P2807.1 Standard for Technical Requirements and Evaluation of Knowledge Graphs
C/SAB P2830 Standard for Technical Framework and Requirements of Shared Machine Learning
C/SAB P2840 Standard for Responsible AI Licensing
C/SAB P2841 Framework and Process for Deep Learning Evaluation
C/SAB P2842 Recommended Practice for Secure Multi-party Computation
C/SAB P2850 Standard for an Architectural Framework for Intelligent Cities Operation System
C/SAB P2888.1 Specification of Sensor Interface for Cyber and Physical World
C/SAB P3079 Standard for Head Mounted Display (HMD) Based Virtual Reality (VR) Sickness Reduction Technology
C/SAB P3333.1.3 Standard for the Deep Learning-Based Assessment of Visual Experience Based on Human Factors
C/SAB P3333.1.4 Standard for the Quality Assessment of Light Field Imaging

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