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Sponsor PAR Number Title Original PAR URL PAR Approval
AES/GA P529-1980/Cor 1 Supplement for Strapdown Applications to IEEE Standard Specification Format Guide and Test Procedure for Single-Degree-of-Freedom Rate-Integrating Gyros - Corrigendum 1: Torquer Performance, Model Equation and Axis Alignment
AES/GA P952-1997/Cor 1 Standard Specification Format Guide and Test Procedure for Single-Axis Interferometric Fiber Optic Gyros - Corrigendum 1: Figure 1 - Gyro Axes and Misalignment Angles
AES/GA P1293 Standard Specification Format Guide and Test Procedure for Linear, Single-Axis, Non-Gyroscopic Accelerometers
AES/GA P1780 Standard for the Specification of Inertial Measurement Units (IMU)
BOG/CAG P1858 Standard for Camera Phone Image Quality (CPIQ)
BOG/CAG P1863 Guide for Overhead AC Transmission Line Design
BOG/CAG P1888.4 Green Smart Home and Residential Quarter Control Network Protocol
BOG/CAG P1893 Guide for the Measurement of DC Transmission Line and Earth Electrode Line Parameters
BOG/CAG P1894 Guide for Online Monitoring and Recording Systems for Transient Overvoltages in Electric Power Systems
BOG/CAG P1898 Standard for High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Composite Post Insulators
BOG/CAG P1899 Standard for Establishing Basic Requirements for High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Transmission Protection and Control Equipment
BOG/CAG P2030.6 Guide for the Benefit Evaluation of Electric Power Grid Customer Demand Response
BOG/CAG P2100.1 Standard Specifications for Wireless Power and Charging Systems
BOG/CAG P2404 Standard for Power Plant De-Nitrogen Oxide (DeNOx) Plate-type Catalyst
BOG/CAG P2413 Standard for an Architectural Framework for the Internet of Things (IoT)

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