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Sponsor PAR Number Title Original PAR URL PAR Approval
AES/GA P952 Standard Specification Format Guide and Test Procedure for Single-Axis Interferometric Fiber Optic Gyros
AES/GA P1559 Standard for Inertial Systems Terminology
AES/GA P1780 Standard for the Specification of Inertial Measurement Units (IMU)
APS/A P1502 Recommended Practice for Radar Cross-Section Test Procedures
APS/SC P145 Standard for Definitions of Terms for Antennas
APS/SC P149 Recommended Practice for Antenna Measurements
APS/SC P356 Guide for Measurements of Electromagnetic Properties of Earth Media
APS/SC P1720 Recommended Practice for Near Field Antenna Measurements
APS/SC P2816 Recommended Practice for Computational Electromagnetics Applied to Modeling and Simulation of Antennas
BOG/CAG P1858 Standard for Camera Phone Image Quality (CPIQ)
BOG/CAG P2413.1 Standard for a Reference Architecture for Smart City (RASC)
BOG/CAG P2413.2 Standard for a Reference Architecture for Power Distribution IoT (PDIoT)
BOG/CAG P2418.1 Standard for the Framework of Blockchain Use in Internet of Things (IoT)
BOG/CAG P2418.5 Standard for Blockchain in Energy
BOG/CAG P2418.7 Standard for the Use of Blockchain in Supply Chain Finance

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