June 25, 2013

I am pleased to announce that we have released a new feature, the PAR/Standard Report. The report is available to all users.

The PAR/Standard report can be used to view important information about active and completed projects as well as approved standards. Projects may be searched, filtered by Sponsor or Working Group and downloaded in CSV format.

Please see the myProject User Guide Sec 4.12for more detail on this new feature.

Feb 28, 2013

We released two updates yesterday that have been requested by our users.

1. Added a "List Size" preferences to the User Account page. Thisvalue will be used across myProject/IMAT/Mentor when showing a list to that user. This value replaces this Message Preference "Number of notification per page", and that has been removed fromthe Message Preferences page.

2. Changed "Send Notification to Group" feature. The"Officers Only" check-box has been replaced with a drop-down list containing the values "All Users", "Officers Only", and "By Involvement Level". If "By Involvement Level" was selected, then a list of involvement level check-boxes is shown, allowing the user to select one or more.

July 7, 2012

We are happy to advise that we recently released a feature that many users have requested.

If a sponsor ballot participant submitted a comment in error, there was no way to edit the comment.

With this new enhancement, Sponsor ballot participants can now edit/delete their ballot comments. This feature only allows Ballot participants to perform edit or delete of their comments during the open ballot period.

To edit a comment, the user simply selects the 'edit' link in the Actions column next to their comment. The system will present a confirmation page when the user chooses the delete option.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback on this enhancement.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

June 28, 2012

1. We are happy to announce a new feature in myProject that will help Chairs/Officers with managing their sponsor ballot.

You can now review and modify your Sponsor Ballot Request after you have submitted it for Staff Liaison review. This feature will allow you to re-upload the draft or modify the ballot announcement text prior to the Staff Liaison approval.

Access this new feature by going to "Manage Sponsor Ballot Activity" in the Balloting tab.
For those Ballot requests that are available for editing, you will see "review ballot" in the Actions column.
Click on "review ballot" to get to the editable fields or to replace the draft.

2. A text change to the Sponsor Ballot Comment Form. The text that changed resides in the column headers of the bulk upload form/file.

The changes are:
Modify "Resolution Status" to "Disposition Status"
Modify "Resolution Details" to "Disposition Details"

May 31, 2012 - New and Improved Sponsor Ballot Comment Spreadsheet

We are happy to announce that with the next software release this week you will notice some changes to the Sponsor Ballot Comment form. These changes include:

Added data validation to ballot XLS spreadsheet
Generate a XLS spreadsheet for myBallot comment import which includes data validation
The ballot name and close date are included in the spreadsheet header.
Ensure subclause is a single item which allows numbers, dots, and alpha
Line and page number now accept Roman numeral values.

May 8, 2012 - PAR Form Has Been Improved

A new user interface will be available May 8, 2012 for all PAR submittals.
With an improved user interface, the PAR submittal form includes some notable changes:

  • One page entry form, no longer need to click through multiple pages.

  • Detailed explanations/instructions are hidden, available on mouse-over.

  • Periodic auto-save as you navigate through the fields. Save as draft at any point, without completing a page.

  • Blank form with all instructions available via help links.

If you have any questions about the PAR form please contact Lisa Yacone at

April 11, 2012 - Sponsor Ballot Invitation Categories Increased

On 1 March 2012, the IEEE-SA Policies and Procedures were updated to state that no interest category may comprise more than 1/3 of a Sponsor balloting group. This rule applies to all Sponsor ballot invitations opened on or after 1 March 2012.

When requesting a Sponsor ballot invitation, It is suggested that you choose a minimum of 5 interest categories applicable to the document being balloted.

Please note that the list of available interest categories from which to choose has been greatly expanded.

When you initiate a new Sponsor ballot invitation, please be aware that ALL of the new interest categories will be included as the default. However, as always, you may delete interest categories that are not applicable; and you may alter the definition of any interest category to better align it with the document being balloted.

March 27, 2012

On 1 April 2012 IEEE will release the new IEEE Business Platform, a suite of applications powered by a new services-oriented architecture which includes key enhancements to IEEE Xplore, Member Join and Renewal, individual account profile management and the IEEE eCommerce experience.

While many new features will be added, there is one important item to note:

IEEE Account (formerly called IEEE Web Account) user name change: After the launch, individuals signing into IEEE Xplore or Membership Renewal with an IEEE Account user name (the personal account user name which is used to set individual preferences) will be prompted to change their current user name to their e-mail address.

The prompt to change your username will not be available in the IEEE-SA myProject, IMAT or Mentor systems. However, you should change your username by logging in at the following link:

November 7, 2011

We are happy to announce that as of today, all Working Group and Sponsor Chairs can access the complete RevCom submission process in myProject!

In this area you will be able to:

Submit your Project for consideration for final approval to RevCom- Working Group and Sponsor Chairs can submit projects to RevCom within myProject(TM). All files generated by myProject(TM) will be automatically captured and included with the submission, however you can add pertinent documents easily through the system. To complete your RevCom Submission:

RevCom Designee Role- A new role has been applied to myProject that allows you the WG Chair to assign a RevCom Designee (similar to the Ballot Designee Assignment). For information on how to assign a RevCom Designee go to Section 4.9 of the myProject User Guide (link below).

NOTE: Ballot Designees will not have access to RevCom Designee features. You will need to explicitly assign the RevCom Designee role to the individual of your choice.

Submit Source Files to the Editorial Staff- Working Groups and Sponsor Chairs can also submit source files for their draft documents via the RevCom submission form in myProject(TM). These source files will automatically be sent to the SA Editorial Staff.

Access Comments and Preliminary Votes from RevCom Members- RevCom Members and IEEE-SA staff may make comments on you project submissions. Submitters can respond to these comments and view comment threads. As RevCom Members cast their preliminary votes, they will visible on your project submission.

A presentation (link below) has been provided to help guide you in this transition. The myProject User Guide (link below) has also be updated to include the new features. In addition to these materials, there are always IEEE-SA Staff that are available to help you.

Standards Solutions

Technical Staff Liaisons:

RevCom Administrator:Karen Evangelista,

Presentation on new myProject features:

myProject user Guide:

November 20, 2011

During the September 2011 RevCom meeting there was a discussion about having a feature in myProject Sponsor Balloting that allows officers to better report on outstanding negatives. Some RevCom committee members thought it would be helpful to add a feature that allows a "roll-up" of comments in order to easily see which ones are still outstanding.

Based on RevCom feedback and support for key 802 committee members, we recently released a new report that shows "all MBS comments (from all circulations) for those who are negative voters."

As a chair/officer of a committee, you should have access to view the ballot summary reports Manage Sponsor Ballot Activity and will now have the following filters :

- Show all comments
- Show MBS Comments with Disapprove Vote
- Show MBS Comments with Disapprove Vote for all circulations

For more information about myProject you can access the new User Guide at :


myProject User Guideis now available online!


The New Process for Maintaining Active Standards

The IEEE-SA Board of Governors (BoG)and IEEE-SA Standards Board (SASB), comprised of volunteers who oversee the standards development process, have approved and scheduled for implementation a new process for maintaining active standards. The new process will take effect on January 1, 2012.

The new process provides a more streamlined and simplified approach to standards maintenance, making it easier for participants to comply with the policies and procedures of both IEEEand the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

For Sponsors and Working Groups, the changes:

  • Extend the maintenance timeline for IEEE standards from 5 years to 10 years

  • Phase out the reaffirmation and stabilization processes by 2013

  • Place the focus primarily on the revision process for standards that require maintenance action (revision or withdrawal will be the only available actions for maintaining active standards)

  • Identify approved IEEE standards as either activeor inactive

As of January 1, 2012, all standards will be subject to the following transition plan:

No new reaffirmation or stabilization ballot invitations will be permitted after December 31, 2011. Sponsors should review their portfolio of active standards with this deadline in mind.

All reaffirmation or stabilization ballots in effect will need to be completed prior to the SASB submittal deadline for its December 2012 meeting.

Standards that have been reaffirmed or stabilized prior to January 1, 2012 will be transitioned into the new maintenance timeline. The Sponsor will be required to revise the standard according to the latest of the following dates:

  • By 31 December 2018

  • Within 10 years of initial approval

  • Within 10 years from the last maintenance action (revision, reaffirmation, or stabilization)

If no action is taken by the standard's expiration date, the standard will be removed from active status through an administrative process for standards that have not undergone a revision process within 10 years, and will be transferred to inactive-reserved status. (Note that standards that are due to expire at the end of 2011 will be granted a standard expiration date of 31 December 2018 unless the Sponsor has requested that administrative withdrawal occur.)

For more details on these policy changes, an FAQ is available online at:

Changes to the policies and procedures can be viewed online at:


Many years ago when we began developing myBallot, balloters asked for a way to change their vote from Disapprove to Approve (or Abstain) while the ballot was not open. While that functionality was not developed at that time, we have had users asking for this feature. A few months ago, a team got together to determine the best method to implement this feature for the Sponsor Balloting process. That team decided how the feature would be implemented so it would best satisfy the balloter, the chair running the ballot, and the RevCom submission process. Therefore, I am happy to announce that the Sponsor Ballot Vote Change feature has been developed and is nowready for release.

Sponsor Ballot Vote Changeallows a sponsor balloter to make a vote change, from Disapprove to either Approve or Abstain, after the ballot has closed. The balloter simply logs onto myProject, myBallot Activity and changes their vote. This eliminates the need for the balloter to email the sponsor or working group chair with a vote change, the system will do that automatically.

To help you better understand how the functionality works, I have attached pdf slide deck.


A few positive fixes have been made to myProject and Mentor that will mostly benefit the WG Chairs and administrators. Please note the following:

1. In myBallot Comments we had a request to provide a unique comment number for each comment in the balloting system. Therefore we have changed comment numbering so that there is a prefix on the comments that easily identifies when the comment was made. The comment download file also has that unique comment number. For example, the prefix for the first recirculation is r1.

2. There was a request by WG Chairs to better identify the votes that were changed. We implemented a separate column for changed votes (prior to this the changed votes were identified with an asterisk and could not be sorted).

3. In Mentor document repository, the admin users asked for a way to modify the document without changing the url or document number. This feature was also implemented in the system.

We hope these small changes are helpful.

31 May 2011

Comment Resolution Status Options Revised

The comment resolution status options offered by myBallot and provided on the comment resolution spreadsheet, have been revised from Agree, Disagree, Out of Scope, Principle and Unresolvable and replaced with the following options:

Accepted--The ballot resolution committee accepts the suggested remedy verbatim.

Revised--The ballot resolution committee accepts the suggested remedy in principle. This means that the ballot resolution committee will make a change to the draft based on a revision of the suggested remedy. The Resolution Detail field shall provide sufficient detail for ballot group members to understand the revision of the suggested remedy provided by the commenter.

Rejected--The ballot resolution committee does not accept the suggested remedy. The Resolution Detail field shall provide sufficient detail for ballot group members to understand the rationale for this rejection.

The comment resolution statuses 'Out of Scope' and 'Unresolvable' have been removed, without equivalents provided, as these are effectively 'Rejected' and are marked as such. The ballot resolution committee will explain why such comments are 'Out of Scope" or 'Unresolvable' with a remark in the Resolution Detail field.

The Resolution Status fields for both single comment and bulk comment response have been modified to reflect these changes. Appropriate help pages have also been revised.

Rollout of these changes will be effective 1-June-2011; 12:00 P.M. (noon) eastern time.

  • For initial and recirculation ballots in process at the time of the rollout, the "OLD" Resolution Status options, including 'Unresolvable' and 'Out of Scope', should be used.

  • For initial and recirculation ballots that start after the rollout, only the "NEW" Resolution Status options, excluding "Unresolvable' and 'Out of Scope', should be used.

18 March 2011

On Wed, 13 April at 10am ET, IEEE will be bringing down the servers for planned maintenance. The downtime will take approximately 1- 3 hours.

The following areas will be affected:
standards website (including OUI)
myProject/myBallot (
imat website website

We apologize for the inconvenience.


30 November 2010

We will be upgrading the software operating system tonight at midnight EST. It should take about 3 hours or less. During this time myProject will be unavailable. Thank you for understanding this important upgrade.

31 March 2010

Updated IEEE-SA Copyright Policy

An update to the IEEE-SA Copyright Policy has been implemented. The update is intended to address queries made by volunteers about the policy, and to ensure that all participants are aware of the responsibilities they have and the rights they grant to the IEEE with respect to contributions they make to IEEE Standards Projects.

Clarifications to the policy were developed by the IEEE-SA Standards Board Procedures Committee, and approved by the IEEE-SA Standards Board and IEEE-SA Board of Governors.

The policy is outlined in Clause 7 of the IEEE-SA Standards Board Bylaws and Clause 6.1 of the IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual. Supporting materials and FAQs are available at Copyright Policyand FAQs.

The clauses in the Bylaws and Operations Manual consolidate the information that was available from different IEEE-SA policies, documentation, forms, and systems, while outlining clearly the types of contributions and related processes involved in submitting contributions to the IEEE standards development process.

The policy addresses

  1. Contributions that are previously published and those not previously published

  2. Copyright ownership of original contributions versus ownership of the compilation (e.g., the draft or approved standard)

  3. Responsibilities of all participants, including the responsibility to understand and comply with the Copyright Policy

  4. A clear explanation of what rights are granted to the IEEE when a contribution is submitted and the rights that the IEEE has once the standard is approved

If you have any questions about the Copyright Policy, please contact Dave Ringle, Manager, IEEE-SA Governance, Policy and Procedures, at

The launch of the Obligations for Participation in IEEE Standards Development, which was scheduled to launch on 31 March 2010, has been deferred. We will inform you through the myProject system when the launch is rescheduled.

1 July 2009


'Want to know instantly who are the Voting Members in your Working Group? Or, the individuals that may be interested in becoming Voting Members?

If you are a Sponsor or a Working Group Chair, the answers to those questions are just a click away with the roll out of our newly enhanced, "Manage Committees" screen found on the myProject home page.

Involvement Levels and Managing Your Voting Membership

First, you will need to assign an "involvement level" to each member of your committee or working group:

But we're not through! You can also "Download Roster as CSV" the list from the "Manage Committees" screen (now with populated involvement levels). Then, add/delete/revise involvement level data directly in the CSV and upload it back into myProject, using the "Upload Voter Roster" link on this screen.

Attendance Roster

You also have the opportunity to download a PDF roster to be used at your meeting as an attendance roster. This file provides the name, email, and affiliation of each individual who has signed up for your committee. Passing this "Attendance Roster" around at a meeting provides the individual with the opportunity to view the contact data that is in the myProject system. If the data needs to be updated, the user can do so in myProject or in their Web Account.

We hope you will find this new tool useful in tracking the voting membership of your committee. Remember: the "Manage Committees" screen is a centralized and ready reference for your committees and working groups whenever this data is needed. Watch for more upgrades as part of our ongoing commitment to you to deliver the highest quality products and services through the resources of myProject.

3 August 2008

New Functionality:Stabilized Standards Process Sponsor Chairs can now use the Sponsor ballot process in myBallot for Stabilized Standards.Please refer to the IEEE Standards Board Operations Manual 9.3 for complete information. If you have any questions about the process, please contact your IEEE Staff Liaison for guidance.

20 December 2007

New Functionality:Manage Working Groups Sponsor Chairs can now manage their working groups in myProject through the "Manage Committee" link on the myProject home page. To add a Working Group :

1. Click " Manage Committees" from the home page,

2. Click "Manage" under the "Actions" column to access the link, "Add a Working Group."

3. After a new Working roup is created, users can enroll themselves in that new working group by selecting it through "Manage Activity Profile"in myProject.

To Assign Officersto a Working Group (enter new or to revise existing officers):

1. Go to the working group entry on the working group listing referenced in (3) above.

2. Click "Manage" under the "Actions" column.

3. Click "Manage Roster"; click "Manage Officer Roster." A set of fields are provided, including those for working group chair, vice chair, co chair and others.

4. Enter (or write over) the IEEE Web Account usernames for the desired officers. Note: To be assigned as an officer, a user must meet the following conditions:

1. Must have previously signed themselves up for that working group (or project) by selecting it through "Manage Activity Profile." By so doing, the user will also complete screens to identify his/her affiliation, and (in the future) confirm ethics/copyright data; and,

2. Must be an IEEE member; and,

3. Must be an IEEE-SA member.

If an officer's IEEE membership, IEEE-SA membership, or both expire at any time during that officer's tenure, the officer will lose access to myProject officer screens. The sponsor chair can then reassign the officer role to another user who fulfills the criteria; or the user can renew his/her IEEE and/or IEEE-SA membership, as required.

26 October 2007


Effective immediately, all Sponsor Chair and Working Group Chairs can manage their officer roster (which includes the committee treasurer, secretary, and vice chair if these positions exist in your committee). Sponsor Chairs can also manage the Working Group Chairs (add/delete/modify) through myProject as well. Go to the "Manage Committees" link on the myProject home page.

Locate the group to be managed and click "Manage" under the "Actions" column.

Then, click "Manage Roster" to display the roster.

Scroll down the roster to find the individual to be assigned to the officer role (the individual must appear on the roster to be assigned).

Make a note of the email address for that individual.

Click "Manage Officer Roster" and enter the individual's email address (or username, if you have it) in the designated officer's field. If the role is already populated, you can overwrite the data by simply entering the new email address or username.

25 July 2007

Important Notice Regarding System Maintenance:

Beginning on Friday, 3 August, and continuing through Sunday, 5 August, the IEEE Web site is scheduled to undergo a system upgrade. During the upgrade, users may be temporarily unable to access myProject or other applications or services that require creating or signing in with an IEEE Web account user name and password. We apologize for any inconvenience.

10 May 2007

Control Panel Changes:We have made some changes to the myProject and myBallot (sponsor, working group chair view) control panel. Please note the following changes:

For Chairs and other responsible individuals:

-- "Insert Rogue Comment" link has been changed to "Insert Public Comment into Database"

-- Upload Comment Response Tool has been renamed to "Upload/Download Comment Response"

-- Sponsors can manage their PARs which have been submitted to NesCom. All other users:

-- Links to go to/return to myBallot or myProject have been relocated to the bottom of the page.

-- Link to notifications has been added to the top navigation bar (in myBallot) so you can easily access your notifications.

-- The tasks have been reordered to flow better with the balloting process.

2 May 2007


We are in the process of automating the PAR submittal and NesCom committee process. We hope to complete the project in June 2007 (pending test results). Part of this automation will include the requirement that Sponsor Chairs/Standards Representatives explicitly accept all PAR submissions (in accordance with the IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual, subclause 5.1.2a):

-- User submits a proposed PAR

-- Sponsor Chair will receive a notification from myProject that a proposed PAR has been submitted -- Sponsor Chair will enter myProject to review and accept the submitted PAR March 28 2007 Disclosure of Affiliation: During 2006, the IEEE-SA Board of Governors and the IEEE-SA Standards Board recognized that making visible those interests that are funding participation in Working Groups and Sponsor ballots would improve transparency and openness in IEEE-SA standards development. In December 2006, changes to the IEEE-SA Standards Board Bylaws and the IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual were approved to make the Declaration of Employer and Affiliation mandatory in various IEEE-SA activities. In support of this requirement, myProject is collecting Declaration of Employer at the personal level (via myInfo) and Declaration of Affiliation at both the project and Sponsor ballot levels (via the Technical Activity Area selection process). The Declaration of Employer at the personal level was implemented in early February and those who have logged into myProject since then have been directed to provide their Employer as a mandatory field within their contact information before being allowed to go further into the system.

Effective 2 April 2007, the same direction apply for Declaration of Affiliation at the Sponsor, Working Group, and Project levels.

A complete set of FAQs (definitions of Employer and Affiliation; what will be done with the information; the consequences of not providing information or of providing erroneous data; etc.) is also available.

27 February 2007

Standards Development Rosters:The name of the link for users submitting and maintaining standards development rosters through myProject has been changed. The new link, found on the myProject home page, is "Manage Committees" (instead of "View Roster").

Click the link for "Manage Committees" and drill down to the project by clicking the (+) on the left to expand each level. The actual project will be highlighted in yellow.

Click "Manage Committees" for that project -- a list of individuals enrolled in that Committee/Project will appear. On that screen, you can assign the individual to the role of Participant, Non-Voting Member, or Voting Member of the project group. You can also view contact information for that individual.

Participant -- identifies an individual that has met the participation requirements, in-person or via email or otherwise, of a committee per the committee's rules as opposed to having simply indicated his/her interest by selecting one of the myProject technical areas. Participants are, by definition, also Interested Parties.

Non-Voting Member -- identifies an individual that has met the committee's non-voting membership requirements per the committee's rules as opposed to having simply indicated his/her interest by selecting one of the myProject technical areas. Non-Voting Members are, by definition, Interested Parties.

Voting Member -- identifies an individual that has met the committee's voting requirements per the committee's rules as opposed to having simply indicated his/her interest by selecting one of the myProject technical areas. Voting Members are, by definition, Interested Parties.

9 February 2007

New myProject Enhancement:All users of myProject are now required to disclose their affiliation in accordance with IEEE-SA Standards Board policies and of the IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual.

Upon logging onto myProject, you will be requested to update your "myInfo" screen data with the name of the IEEE-SA entity member with which you are associated (from a drop-down menu); or the "corporate affiliation" that you have with respect to your IEEE-SA activities (refer to the aforementioned Standards Board policies for definition).

You will also be required to enter your "position" associated with your entity or corporate affiliation.

31 January 2007

New myProject Enhancement:Sponsors can now manage their Policy and Procedures (P&P) documents through the "Manage Committees" link on the myProject home page.

Drill down to the committee level, click the link, "Manage Committees" under the "Actions" column, and click the link, "Manage Sponsor P&P."

Then, you can easily upload your new or revised P&P for AudCom approval.

An on-screen confirmation will appear upon uploading your file. The uploaded file will appear on the screen with a "submitted" status. Note that if you wish to submit a PAR, you may do so only if you have an accepted P&P on file; or if the P&P is considered visibly under development by AudCom.

Also, all users have now been provided with a "View Sponsor P&P" link on their myProject home page. The listing shows all accepted P&Ps, the designated contact, and the P&P URL.

24 October 2006

Officer Roster Tracking: Sponsor and Working Group Chairs can now manage and view their officer rosters at the sponsor, working group and project levels, through the "Manage Officer Roster" link accessed through the "View Roster" link on the myProject home page.

The "Manage Officer Roster" link allows the assignment of other officers such as treasurer and secretary; as well as multiple alternate ballot designees. As myProject evolves, these officer roles will have specific access rights in the system for functions related to those roles.

Voting Member Tracking: Sponsor and Working Group Chairs can now maintain and manage the list of voting members for their committee through the "View Roster" link in myProject. The system affords the ability to enter the data manually and provides a mechanism to download the list of Voting Members. The chair can then make needed adjustments on the voting status of any entry, and then upload the now updated list back into the myProject.

Invited Expert Enrollment Change: A User who wishes to participate as an "invited expert" in any proposed ballot group must first enroll in the Project as an Interested Party by clicking the link, "Select Activity Profile" on the myProject home page, and drilling down to the "project" level to enroll in the appropriate project.

The Sponsor or Working Group Chair then has the ability to designate any interested party as an invited expert through the "View Roster" link. To do so, the Chair will drill down to project level; click the link for "Manage Invited Experts" and follow the instructions on the screen.

Should you have any questions, please contact your IEEE Society-Staff Liaison.

23 June 2006

New myProject Enhancement:To improve service to our customers, we have released a new enhancement that allows us to capture user contact information for balloting and for other areas of the system. When you log onto myProject, you will be requested to fill in mandatory contact information such as land mail and email addresses, and phone. Once complete, you will automatically be taken back to the myProject login screen, where you can then access your myBallot control panel or other links of choice.

13 January 2006

The following changes have been made to Standards Development Online (myProject and myBallot systems):

New Ballot Status "Submitted to RevCom": When the sponsor submits the project to RevCom, staff can enter the status "Submitted to RevCom" into the system. This new feature helps the user easily see the most recent status of the ballot.

When this status is activated, the comment resolution/response period closes and all ballot group members can view all comments and responses.

If, for some reason, RevCom requires the sponsor to conduct additional recirculation ballots, the status can be easily changed back to the Comment Resolution status which would allow the sponsor to conduct the recirculation when ready.

Added Search Feature: Is the data in the pages getting more and more difficult to view? There are a few pages that now have a search box available.

Condensed Vote Submission Area: For the ballot voting screen, by removing the "Abstain Other Reason" requirement, we were able to condense the screen and make it easier to use.

Mixed Ballot Type: The mixed ballot type has been removed from the system to accommodate the changes recently made to the Operations Manual. If a mixed ballot type has been grandfathered into the process, the ballot will be processed using the old balloting system. Staff Update Ballot & Invitation Dates: Staff can now update the invitation or ballot (start and end) dates before the action is initiated. This added flexibility allows staff to better accommodate the date changes if an extension is needed.

20 December 2005

The following changes have been made to the myBallot system.

New Look and Feel: Logging in to myBallot now redirects users to a new "myProject" control panel with an enhanced navigation header (using IEEE format and additional IEEE-SA links.) The new myProject Control Panel has a dedicated link to the myBallot system. Other links will appear as they are implemented

Notification Area: The main control panel has a notification area for the viewing and maintenance of all system-generated notices, including invitation announcements and ballot announcements. The Notification Area is intended to be the primary mechanism within myProject and myBallot for informing users of system generated notices, alerts, and other announcements previously delivered via email. While the same information will be sent out via email as a backup, we cannot guarantee delivery of email due to a variety of reasons outside the control of the IEEE.

Email notifications: The system sends users one consolidated notification per day of all system-generated reminders including invitation reminders (sent to members of an invitation pool, reminding of the impending invitation period close date) and ballot reminders (sent to members of a ballot group, reminding of impending ballot close date). Other email notification services will be implemented as new enhancements to the system become live.

Technical Area Enrollment (replaces the invitation pool sign up area in myBallot): This service expands the capability of users to indicate interest in a project or a general technical area. Invitation pool data as it existed in myBallot has been moved to this new area. Users are encouraged to log onto the system to ensure their previous selections were transferred accurately. This service also collects more detailed contact information from users

  • Click "Manage Committees" on your myProject home page, and click "Manage" under the "Actions" column.

  • Click the "Involvement Levels" link (one of the new set of links shown over the search function) to review the default list of involvement levels. Deselect (click the checkmark) for any involvement level that is not applicable to your Committee or Working Group, and click "OK."

  • Then, you are ready to assign an involvement level to each individual in your committee or working group. Click the drop down arrow in the "involvement levels" field for each individual displayed to select the involvement level. When finished, click "Update" on the bottom of the screen.